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Changes to Your Coverage

Yearly Enrolment Window To Change Your Choices

Each year you will enroll in the flexible benefits program during the annual fall enrollment period. You will receive an announcement by mail from Manulife when the enrolment window will be open to make changes. To activate your annual enrolment, log onto the Manulife website at Follow the instructions given on the screens by logging in. You will be required to provide your Contract Number and your Plan Member Number and your password. Please contact the Manulife Customer Service Centre at 1-800-268-6195 (8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., local time) if you require further information.

The online enrolment tool will allow you to make choices which will take effect on January 1 of the following year. Keep in mind that you can change your selections at any time during the 2 week open enrolment window, to see how the different selections impact your payroll deductions. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to enroll using the online tool, and to choose the level of coverage that fits your needs!

Keep in mind there are some restrictions if you choose Health option 3 and/or Dental options 2 and 3. If you elect Health option 3, Dental option 2 or Dental option 3 in any given benefit year, you will be subject to a two-year locking-in period. This means you must stay in that option for at least two full years.

Descriptions of your Flex Options
While you are enrolling online, you can see the details of each flex option by clicking on the benefit name.

Coverage Statement
At the end of your online enrolment, you can click on an icon showing a statement to obtain a printout of a statement outlining your choices. File it with your benefits material. If you need a copy of this statement at any time it will be available on Manulife’s secure site.

Note: If you do not have access to the Internet at work or at home, you will be able to request a paper enrolment package by calling Ellement at 1-844-440-1045 (Toll Free) or 204-954-7300 (in Winnipeg) or email

Changes to your Flex Choices During The Year

Only workers, who experience the following life event or life status change during the year may modify certain current FlexPlan elections. Before going online to change your coverage you must first notify Ellement at 1-844-440-1045 (Toll Free) or 204-954-7300 (in Winnipeg) or email

At that time, arrangements will be made for you to make modifications online provided the date of your event is not more than 31 days in the past. In some cases, additional coverage will be required until the next re-enrollment period and will be paid by payroll deduction. If additional Flex credits are released as a result of a change in coverage, those Flex credits will be given as taxable cash.

The following are considered qualified Life Event or Life Status changes:

  • Marriage or eligibility of common law spouse
  • Birth, adoption or custody change of a dependent child
  • Loss of dependent status (e.g., over-age child no longer attending school)
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Death of a spouse or dependent
  • Loss in spouse’s benefit coverage (e.g., your spouse loses coverage because of a change in employment and you would now like to change your enrolment in medical coverage through your employer)

If you qualify for any of these Life Events, or if you would like more information on this, please contact Ellement at 1-844-440-1045 (Toll Free) or 204-954-7300 (in Winnipeg) or email


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