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Making a Claim

All claims must be submitted to Manulife by March 31 of the year following the year in which the expense was incurred.


Many dentists are able to process your claims online with Manulife, which means that you may not have to submit a paper claim. Depending on the coverage you’ve chosen, you may have to pay the dentist a deductible or the percentage difference. However, if you need to submit a paper claim, follow these procedures:

  • Download the Dental Claim Form.
  • Have your dentist complete the dentist’s section of the form and complete the employee portion yourself.
  • Mail your completed form to the Manulife address shown on the claim form.
  • If you are coordinating benefits with your spouse’s plan, be sure to include the explanation of benefits from that plan.
  • If you choose to use your Health Spending Account to pay for additional expenses, indicate your intention on the completed form in part 2.

Health (including Vision)

  • Download the Health Claim Form.
  • Complete the claim form and attach your original receipts (or Explanation of Benefits from your spouse’s plan, if you are coordinating benefits).
  • Ensure that each receipt shows the patient’s full name, type of service or supply, date(s) service was rendered or supply was purchased, and itemized changes.
  • If you choose to use your Health Spending Account to pay for deductibles or additional expenses, indicate your intention on the form.
  • Mail your completed claim to Manulife at the address shown on the claim form.

Provincial Pharmacare Coverage for Prescription Drugs

If your Provincial Health Insurance Plan includes a Pharmacare Plan, you must send Manulife proof that you have registered with that plan, together with the amount of any required annual deductible. Otherwise, you may not be eligible for the maximum coverage provided under your health benefits.

Out-of-Province Expenses

While you or your dependents are traveling outside the province or country, your benefit plan covers 100% of the cost of medical emergencies (in excess of your Provincial Health Insurance Plan).

Eligible expenses in excess of $200 will be paid for directly by Manulife’s Emergency Travel Assistance provider Allianz Global Assistance, provided you contact them before any expenses are incurred.

If Allianz Global Assistance is not contacted, or if expenses are $200 or less, you are responsible for payment and may submit a claim for reimbursement using the Health Claim Form. You must provide Allianz with information contained on your Manulife Card as well as information concerning your provincial health coverage. Allianz will then coordinate payment between your provincial health insurance and Manulife. However, you must first submit your claim to your Provincial Health Insurance Plan. You may then submit a claim to Manulife for any allowable expenses not covered by your Provincial Health Insurance Plan. Be sure to include the explanation of benefits from the provincial plan.


LCC Worker Benefit Plans
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