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Who is Covered?

There are options under the flex plan to simply enrol yourself or yourself and your dependents. For some components of the plan, you may choose “member”, “member plus one dependent” or “member plus two or more dependents”. You must however register all your eligible dependents upon enrolment whether or not they will have coverage under some components.

Member - You Are the “Member”

  1. You are a member because you are a:
    1. Full-Time Worker who works more than 24 hours per week. You will be enrolled in both LCC Worker Benefit Plans – LCC Pension Plan and LCC FlexBenefits Plan.
    2. Part-Time Worker who works 15 hours or more (but less than 24 hours) per week in the preceding two calendar years. You will be enrolled in the LCC Pension Plan only.


Member + 1 dependent or
Member + 2 or more dependents
(Your dependent can be your spouse or dependent children)

  1. Your Spouse is a covered dependent because:
    1. You are legally married through an ecclesiastical or civil ceremony or you have been living in a common-law relationship for at least one year. Only one spouse is eligible for coverage under the plans and will be as indicated by the member on the application of insurance. Please note that the definition of spouse for pension purposes varies depending on your province of residence.
  2. Your Dependent Child is:
    1. Your natural child, adopted child or stepchild (a stepchild must be living with you)
    2. Under the age 21
    3. Unmarried
    4. Not employed on a full time basis
  3. Your Over-age Child (student or disabled)
    1. Must meet the requirements above and
    2. Is a student under age 26 attending an accredited school, college or university on a full-time basis and dependent on you for support. Use the Request for Over-age Dependent Children form to enroll children over the age of 21.
    3. A mentally or physically handicapped child who was covered up to the maximum age and will remain covered as long as that child is incapable of self-sustaining employment and totally dependent on you for support and maintenance. Use the Request for Over-age Dependent Children form to enroll children over the age of 21.

You must register each of your eligible dependents when you enroll in the Worker Benefit Plans. If your dependent information changes, please notify Ellement at 1-844-440-1045 (Toll Free) or 204-954-7300 (in Winnipeg) or email


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