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Who to Enroll

Pension and Benefits Eligibility by employment Category

Who Needs to be Enrolled in the Benefit Plans?

  1. Your Full-Time Workers - Those who work 24 or more hours per week will be enrolled in the Pension Plan and the Group Benefits Program on the first of the month following their date of hire. (Exceptions apply in Saskatchewan.)
  2. Your Part-Time Workers - Those who work less than 24 hours per week will be enrolled in the Pension Plan only (not the Group Benefits Program) provided they meet the following qualifications:
    • Have 24 months of continuous service in each of the two consecutive calendar years immediately preceding membership and:
      • Earn at least 35% of the Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings under the Canada Pension Plan or,
      • Who have worked at least 700 hours ( applies only in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec**)

Important: All eligible workers must be enrolled within 31 days of their eligibility date. Have a Notification of New Hire Form completed for each of the eligible employees, this also includes those employees transferring from another participating LCC employer.

*The administrator Ellement consulting can assist employers in determining eligibility for Part-time employers.

**Part-time employers are enrolled after one year in the province of Quebec provided they meet the earnings and hours requirements.

Are Family Members Also Covered?

All workers must be enrolled in the Worker Benefit Plans as either single (member only) or family (member with dependents). Each worker must register each of his/her eligible dependents. If the worker has coverage elsewhere (eg. spouse's plan) they may opt out of the Extended Health and Dental plans.

Your worker's eligible dependents qualify for coverage under certain LCC Worker Benefit Plans. Eligible dependents are defined as:

  1. Spouse - someone who is legally married through an ecclesiastical or civil ceremony or they are living in a common-law relationship (as defined by legislation in your province).
  2. Dependent children
    1. Under age 21 and unmarried and if you provide 51% or more financial support.
    2. A student under age 26 attending an accredited school, college or university on a full-time basis and supported by the worker.
    3. Mentally or physically handicapped child who was covered up to the maximum age and will remain covered as long as that child is incapable of self-sustaining employment and totally dependent on the worker for support and maintenance.

A worker must register each of their eligible dependents when they are enrolled in the Worker Benefit Plans.


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