LCC Worker Benefit Plans

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Serving Those Who Serve
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Health | Vision | Dental | Travel Insurance | Death Benefit

Benefits at a Glance

Benefit Coverage
Health * Prescription drugs
80% of cost of prescribed drugs

Professional Services and Supplies
80% of allowable services and supplies not covered by your Provincial Health Insurance Plan
Vision * Eye Exam
80% of eye exam every 24 months

Glasses, Contact Lenses and Eye Surgery
80% to a maximum of $150.00 every 24 months
Travel Insurance * 100% of out-of-Canada expenses in excess of Provincial Health Insurance Plan for a maximum of 31 days
Dental Basic Services
90% of allowable expenses

Major Restorative Work
60% of allowable expenses (lifetime maximum $2,500)
Death Benefit Lump Sum Survivor Benefit
Up to $3000 upon your death

Dependent Death Benefit
Up to $3000 upon the death of your spouse

* Lifetime Maximum for all health benefits combined is $50,000.00 for each covered person.


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